Choosing the Right Toilet For Your Bathroom

Perhaps you’re looking to do a gut remodel of your bathroom or maybe it’s just in desperate need of an update. Either way, one of the most important investments you’ll make is the type of toilet you buy. It sounds silly but your toilet is not only something that you’ll use every day; it’s also something that should last for a long time.

Don’t Aim for the Lowest Price

Whether you’re remodeling or merely replacing something, you’re usually operating on a budget but buying a toilet is no place to cut corners. It might be tempting to save a few hundred buying a cheaper model from a big box home improvement store but it could cost you in the long run. Poorly-made parts can break more quickly, forcing you to constantly buy replacement parts, and a lack of flush power might leave you with more clogs than you’re willing to handle.

This doesn’t mean that you should avoid chain home improvement stores but you should consider checking out bathroom showrooms or supply shops. Not only will you have a variety of options but you’ll also have the benefit of professionals who can help you determine what model would best suit your home. An added perk is that showrooms can give you a few ideas if you’re looking to do a little home improvement.

If you’re still looking to save a few pennies, check out rebates for eco-friendly or high-efficiency toilets. You can usually find these rebates by looking online.

But Don’t Go Wild

If you’re willing to splurge a bit for your throne, take care not to get too invested in the bells and whistles. Specialty seats and hardware might seem to be a good idea but can cause trouble down the line. Even on the nicest models, parts can break or wear down over time and replace a custom seat or flusher can cost upwards of a hundred-plus.

Similarly, if you’re looking to purchase a more unique toilet such as one with an elongated bowl or one that sits higher up, make sure that you measure. Nothing is worse than buying the perfect toilet only to find that bathroom cabinets or closets are a lot harder to open. Stay away from colored toilets as well. It might seem to be a fun way to add some color to your bathroom but it can often be a hard sell when it comes to putting your house on the market.

What You Should Be Looking for

As mentioned previously, quality is extremely important. A new toilet is something that you want to last for quite some time. It’s something that you and your family or guests will be using on a daily basis and you won’t want to have to call a plumber on a bi-weekly basis for clogs or new parts. Some key things to look for when purchasing a new toilet:

  • Compare flush performance between models. Flush performance is a much better way to measure the durability and quality of particular models than just looking at reviews online.
  • If you’re looking to save the environment, there are a few options. Pressure-assist models use less water overall (but they can be extremely loud) whereas dual-flush toilets allow you to choose how much water you use each time you flush. Before settling yourself in either camp, talk with a professional at a local home improvement store or showroom to see what would work best in your home.

  • Consider how much effort you want to put into cleaning your toilet. Some models come with easily detachable seats for easy cleaning. Good flush pressure can cut down on the number of times you have to clean your bowl. And if you don’t like trying to maneuver around the base, you can opt for a wall-hung model instead. They are a bit pricier but you’ll never have to struggle to get at all those nooks and crannies again.

Ultimately, you should find something that you don’t mind looking at and don’t mind using on a daily basis. Aim for quality, measure your space before you buy, and buy something that will stand the test of time (and not scare any potential buyers away when it comes time to sell).