How to Choose the Perfect Shower

If you’re interested in installing a new shower in your bathroom, it may seem simpler than it really is. This is for a good reason, however, because showers nowadays come in all sizes, designs, and even colors, which means you’ll never run out of ideas when you’re choosing this important fixture. The shower is the centerpiece of your bathroom, so it naturally has to look good, but it is also important that you get the features you want and need, and this is a lot easier once you consider all of your options.

Making the Important Decisions First

When you’re considering what type of shower to purchase, you take a lot of things into consideration, and much of it is based on your personal preferences and tastes. Some people like a showerhead with soft pressure, while others prefer harder pressure. Some even wish to feel like they’re under a waterfall while showering, while others are merely interested in getting in and out of the shower as quickly as possible. Whatever your preferences are, you can easily find the right showerhead, so the functionality of your shower is one of the many aspects to think about when shopping for a new one.

If you take long showers because you wish to get rid of sore muscles and other types of pain, you may want to consider a showerhead that offers a selection of spray patterns so that you always get something that suits your needs. Taking into consideration efficiency is also important because you’ll want something that doesn’t cause you to pay too much for your water bills and something that is good for the environment at the same time. If you like a quick shower, you can possibly compromise some on this efficiency because it will be less important in the long run.

Functionality Isn’t the Only Important Aspect

Of course, you are going to want your shower to look good, as well as work right, and since showers come in so many shapes and styles, you are all but guaranteed to find one you love. In addition to a personal preference, it is also important to find a shower that matches your personality and your own sense of style. Consider your current bathroom décor and decide which shower will fit it best. For example, you wouldn’t want a modern design for your shower in a bathroom that is old, and you won’t want one that is so large that it causes your bathroom to feel tiny and crowded. These are but a few of the things to take into consideration when shopping for a new shower, but they are not the only ones.

Many people try to match shapes when deciding which shower to purchase. If your current bathroom contains soft edges and round shapes, for example, you’ll want the same look for the shower you’re about to purchase. Buying a shower that looks too square and rigid will likely not match with the round shapes you have in your bathroom, but a good home-improvement center can help you pick out the perfect shower if you are unsure of how to go about it.

Miscellaneous Options to Consider

Other things to take into consideration when shopping for a new shower include:

  • Color. Naturally, you want to match the color theme you already have, so whether your bathroom is filled with neutral colors or bright colors, keeping the theme in mind when shopping for a shower is a good idea. Some colors look better with a shower that contains gold trim, while others look better with silver or even no trim at all. Whatever your current décor, you can easily match it if you remember to look at your entire bathroom as the project at hand, and not just the shower itself.
  • Features. There are so many features in showers these days that it is almost a guarantee you’ll find something unique, so whether you are looking for more than one showerhead in various directions, a steam option, or enclosures that are clear, smoky, bright, or tinted, if you look hard enough you are certain to find exactly what you want.

  • Budget. This is not always a pleasant consideration, but it is a necessary one when shopping for showers. Fortunately, home-improvement stores offer very competitive prices and a large selection of products, so finding just what you were looking for without breaking the bank is a lot easier to do than you might think.

Once you have decided on your new shower you can install it yourself or get a professional to do the work.