Simple and Challenging DIY Bathroom Remodel Projects

DIY projects can be great if you have the time and the resources, and while you may need a professional for certain tasks, there are plenty of projects you can complete on your own. If you are willing to get your hands dirty and test your problem-solving skills a bit, you might be surprised by what you can accomplish.

There are a number of components involved when remodeling your bathroom, and depending on how extensive your remodel is, you can handle many of these on your own, but much of what you are going to do will depend on your starting point. If you are working with a completely torn out bathroom, walls and everything, you may want to get those walls in place before you go any further.

Otherwise, there are projects from the flooring to the lighting that you can most certainly handle on your own.

Painting Your Bathroom

While it’s not exactly a starting point, painting is a simple remodel project that you can tackle on your own. In fact, if all you have to do to your walls is paint them, then you’re in a pretty good spot, and it may be one of the earlier jobs you finish.

When painting, just keep in mind the material that you are painting on and educate yourself on the appropriate painting materials, as well as the most effective approach. Decide whether or not you need to clean or sand the material, which may be the case for bare wood. While painting is, more or less, a simple task compared to other remodel projects, making sure the paint job is effective can be a little more difficult.

For drywall and wood, laying on a coat of water-resistant primer may create a better surface for your paint in an often moist or humid room. It will also prevent the walls from absorbing moisture, expanding, and ultimately affecting your paint.

Tiling or Retiling Your Shower

Whether you had tile prior to the remodel or not, tile makes an excellent base for your shower or even your entire bathroom, and if you are interested, it can be an extremely challenging DIY project.

Tile is an entirely doable project, even for first-timers, but whether you are installing tile in the shower, the floor, or along the wall, it’s important to read up on proper techniques and appropriate materials. Installing your own tile means taking the time to find the exact material that you want and putting it exactly where you want.

You can expect to get a little dirty and perhaps a little frustrated along the way, but if you stick to it, you may come out with a new skill in addition to a beautiful bathroom.

Update Your Fixtures

From lighting fixtures to sink faucets, drawer handles, and towel racks, among others, updating your fixtures is definitely something you can handle on your own. Even if the bathroom isn’t quite ready for these finishing touches, you can at least get started locating the fixtures you want and designing the layout for the bathroom itself.

This is also a time where you can get kind of creative. From adding a showerhead to a standing bathtub to finding something creative and nontraditional to use as a towel rack, you can really personalize your bathroom with the fixtures you choose.

Installing the Bathroom Furniture

From the sink cabinets to a vanity station, if you have a few sets of hands, you can easily set these features into place and customize them how you want. This includes choosing a countertop and any additional seating or furniture that can be added depending on the layout of your bathroom. Given that bathroom countertops are typically smaller, you may be able to splurge a bit on a nice countertop.

Regardless, there are all sorts of remodeling jobs you can tackle on your own, and if you are willing to learn and experience some trial and error, then there’s essentially no limit on what you can and can’t do. Just make sure you have a clearly defined plan including the intended layout, design, and style. Once you have all of these aspects squared away, the remodel, whoever is doing it, will be much smoother.